Upcoming Events

Events for 2022 and 2023 are being scheduled now.
Please come back often to see the exciting plans that are developing!

Red Clay Renaissance

March 4 through August, 2022

Four of my paintings will be part of a unique exhibit at Red Clay State Park near Cleveland TN.
The exhibit features artwork submitted in a variety of media that relate to Red Clay State Park, Cherokee/Creek Native American History or the Trail of Tears in the Southeast .  Two are landscapes of areas in the park and two are part of my Native American Series, many of which were inspired by events at Red Clay.
Male Native American dancer in full regalia
Maintaining Tradition

Tennessee Watercolor Society 2022 Biennial Juried Exhibition

May14 though June 24, 2020

AVA, Chattanooga TN

I will be entering three paintings for this juried exhibition.  Competition is very tough in that the finest watercolorists of Tennessee will be entering, competing for thousands of dollars  worth of prizes.  Only one of m entries can be accepted, and it is entirely possible that none will be.  You will need to come back to see if one was chosen and if so, which one.  Regardless, it is a must-see exhibit if you are in the area and love watercolor paintings.  Stay tuned!  More information to follow.