Upcoming Events

Events for 2022 and 2023 are being scheduled now. Please come back often to see the exciting plans that are developing!

Red Clay Renaissance

March 4 through August, 2022

Four of my paintings will be part of a unique exhibit at Red Clay State Park near Cleveland TN.

The exhibit features artwork submitted in a variety of media that relate to Red Clay State Park, Cherokee/Creek Native American History or the Trail of Tears in the Southeast .  Two are landscapes of areas in the park and two are part of my Native American Series, many of which were inspired by events at Red Clay.

Male Native American dancer in full regalia
Maintaining Tradition

Murphy Art Xplosion, the MAX project
a foggy morning in the mountains
Lifting Fog

August, September, October 2022

This painting is one of two chosen to be part of the latest outdoor art exhibit in Murphy  NC. 48 paintings  by senior artists in the Murphy area have been enlarged to 3×5′ and printed on outdoor canvas and are ondisplay in Murphy NC through the fall.  The Valley River Arts Guild has partnered with the Town of Murphy Main Street USA committee to create and exciting Outdoor Art Gallery throughout downtown Muphy NC.  If you are in Murphy this fall, watch for it!  Muphy is quickly becoming “the Little Mountain Town with Big Art and Big Art.”  Opening reception and presentation of awards occurs on August 5.


The View from the Sycamore (solo exhibit)

December 15, 2022 – February 6, 2023

Athens Area Center for the Arts in Athens TN

quiet river

The River Has Many Moods

“There’s a Bible story that I love about a little guy name Zacchaeus who climbed a sycamore tree so that he could see Jesus.  He needed to get above the crowd to see this man everyone was talking about. Pretty simple, right?  For a long time now I have thought of the sycamore tree as a metaphor for what art does for me…..music, poetry, the visual arts, drama, dance….art of any kind, but especially the art that I do myself.  Doing my art takes me above the crowd of a fast paced world, personal concerns, the daily drama of the morning news. It’s as simple as that.  My art takes me above the din of the crowd so that I can see the Divine in the bigger picture.  In this exhibit I will be sharing a variety of some of those experiences…..my view from the sycamore tree.”


More information about Autumn and Winter Exhibits coming soon!