Morning Reflections

The news, the actual lockdown and isolation, the fears and the ambiguity of 2020 had an interesting unexpected and unplanned influence on my painting experience.  It became therapeutic to paint small (4×6″ small) and to share them with my facebook friends.  The dialogue between those friends and the paintings added to the understanding of what was happening in more hearts than mine.  Some saw masks and fear; others saw comfort and peace……unique visions that may not have been at all in my thinking. Sizes are image sizes.  Prices are for matted and unframed images.  I originally was going to call this portfolio “Pandemic Reflections”  but I decided that was giving the virus more credit than I wanted to give.  The pandemic was the backdrop for these reflections, but they are not about the virus.

Click on an image for size and price.  Sizes are images sizes; prices are for matted and unframed pieces. To inquire about making one of these your own, click here. Free shipping on all purchases in the continental U.S.