This piece is the eighth in my ongoing series of kimonos incorporating a variety of techniques normally used with fabric.  To do this piece I read extensively about boro textiles, Japan’s mended and patched textiles.  Boro (from the Japanese for “ragged”) were textiles made of necessity by the poor, who took rags from a variety of fabrics and stitched them together to form patchwork textiles that would become an item to wear until it could be worn no more.  Once the fabric of the very poor, these textiles are now sought by collectors for their soulful beauty.  My piece is made from pieces of indigo painted rice paper, patterned and sewn to form a patchwork design.  The concept reminds me also of the beauty of old Appalachian quilts made of any kind of fabrics that women could find to sew together to keep their families warm. 16×14″ $575

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