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Perhaps you have seen me refer to this organization, but have you wondered what it is?  When I first moved to TN in 2001 I heard bits and pieces about the organization but did not join until 2010.  I quickly learned that TnWS is an organization totally dedicated to the promotion of watercolor as a viable and important artistic medium.  The organization is divided into five regions around the major metropolitan areas of the state.  I am in Region 3, the Chattanooga Region, and am the only member in my county.  Currently there are around 250 members across the state.  This year the organization is celebrating 50 years since its founding, not a bad accomplishment. The region I am in has had two exhibits already to celebrate the golden anniversary and currently we are joining with the artists from the rest of eastern Tennessee in exhibit at the art center in Athens, TN.  It is going to be a great exhibit featuring the work of 27 artists.  Next year,  a biennial exhibit from the entire state membership will be held in Chattanooga and will be juried by noted watercolorist, Stan Miller from the state of Washington.  He will select the exhibit next spring from all the entries submitted and the exhibit will hang at AVA in Chattanooga for a month before traveling to 5 other locations across the state.  Once a member is accepted into three juried exhibits, they receive what is called signature  membership meaning that the member has the right to add the initials TnWS to his/her signature.  It is an accomplishment and many members choose to do just that.  I received my signature status in 2016 but choose not to use the initials.  It was a personal goal to work toward signature and I am pleased and proud that my work was juried into those three exhibits in 2010,  2012, and 2016.  Of course, I hope to create something significant during the year to come and that it will be juried into the Chattanooga exhibit.  Thousands of dollars worth of prizes are given during these major exhibits.  I you would like to visit the members gallery or learn more about TnWS, you can do that at

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