Let’s keep doing that!

It was Easter morning when I started to write this.  The sun was shining brightly if only for a few hours after a rising pink moon the night before.  I am overwhelmed with awe.  There are so many things that happen this time of year that are so very hard to understand.  You know, things like how blue eggs become bluebirds and white ones become tree swallows;  how the strange little song of a nuthatchbaby blue bird painting

is recognized by all nuthatches; how a leafless dogwood tree suddenly bursts into blossom; how hummingbirds find my feeder after a long flight from Costa Rica; and how my milkweed will be in bloom just in time to meet the migrating monarchs.  Wow.  I am in awe at the mysteries of nature and feel so privileged to experience the small and the grand moments that the universe shares so generously if we simply open our eyes to them.

Today I am also in awe at the creative process that I am able to share.  What a mysterious and womdeful journey to face a blank sheet of paper one day and then days, weeks or even months later a brand new image that has never existed before has somehow flowed through me and out there to share with you.

And this puts me at the edge of wonder at the technology that allows you and me to share these experiences together.  If you are reading this, no matter if you are down the road or on the other side of the globe, if we are related by family or complete strangers, if we have been friends for one year or 70…..we can be connected and can interact………………..Let’s keeep doing that!

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