A Little Discovery

(directions for use of an exhibition)

Born innocent,one
(that’s I…)
strives hard to become
an adult, no longer childish;
worldly wise,
in one’s art, one’s love
one’s life…

Then one discovers
that no one ever becomes an adult;
one becomes either
delightfully childlike
or despicably infantile…

one’s own little song
and dares to sing it in all variations
unsuited as it may be
for mass communication

for, perhaps,
here or there
someone will hear it
and listen
and know
and say


Frederick Franck
(used with permission)

In 1979, a rather serendipitous series of encounters led me into a personal relationship with artist, philosopher, and dear friend, Frederick Franck and his wife, Claske.

Frederick has penned scores of books about seeing and drawing and probably thousands of drawings. His writings, personal critiques and even a drawing tour of the great museums of Europe under his direction led me to an understanding of the importance of art in my life and the need to be authentic in my art.

Perhaps that was the greatest lesson he taught me. During one visit to his studio with a load of drawings and paintings I had brought for evaluation, he said, “Marie, if you continue the way you are going right now, you will sell lots of art that will hang on motel room walls.”

I understood, but asked how I would know when my work was any good. He wisely replied that a good cook did not need to ask when the soup was done. Frederick still sits on my shoulder as I continue to strive toward authenticity in my art and my life and my “soup”.

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