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04 Why the Native American series

1631-3 - Copy I have actually been asked if I were part Native American because of my interest in painting so many images of dancers and craftspeople from a variety of tribes based on photographs I’ve taken at powwows and festivals and during travels to Central America.  If truth be told, there is not an ounce of Native American in me.  But in recent years I have had the privilege of living on land that once was home to the Cherokee Indians before they were forcibly removed in the infamous Trail of Tears.  Before moving to North Carolin and then Tennessee nearly 20 years ago,  I really new little about this brutal period of American history.  But living here and learning about that history has been really interesting.  Painting images of Native Americans actually came about as an exercise for me.  I have been painting and drawing for several decades now and am always looking for ways to improve what I am doing and keep it interesting.  I noted that the costumes used at powwows provided subject matter that had wonderful varieties of color and texture.  Over the years I have been working on the series the intent has grown from a mere exercise to a study in the traditions of the various tribes.

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